CascadiaIT 2013 Lightning Talk: Getting Your Arms Around Unscopable Projects

I gave my first Lightning Talk at CascadiaIT 2013: Getting Your Arms Around Unscopable Projects

(And yes, I realize that “unscopable” is not in the dictionary. That might be because no project is really unscopable!)

Here are the notes I prepared in my phone just before giving the lightning talk:

  • My background: startup OEM, higher ed, startup cloud solutions company
  • Unscopable project examples
    • “Improve and upgrade IT Service X!! For varying definitions of improve!”
    • “Move our office!  And/or our datacenter! But we’re not really sure what’s in them…”
  • What are we trying to do?
    • How will we know when we’re done?
    • What resources and budgets may be involved?
    • What deadlines have already been promised?
    • Who needs to be included in the team?
    • Who needs to be informed about progress?
    • Who is the GO/NO-GO person for this project?
    • Are we looking for consensus on scope, time or money?
    • Is this project a democracy or a dictatorship?
  • If any consensus is needed, build it… meet individually, meet in small groups, meet in a large group… cookies!  fruit!  healthy snacks!  but beware nuts and foods allergies!
  • Write down:
    • what we’re trying to do
    • budget
    • time
    • people
  • Get signoff on what you have put in writing from the go/no-go person!

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