LISA 2013 Invited Talk: Becoming a Gamemaster: Designing IT Emergency Operations and Drills

I presented an invited talk at USENIX LISA 2013 in Washington, DC: Becoming a Gamemaster: Designing IT Emergency Operations and Drills

Bring emergency response and operations, business continuity, disaster recovery, and IT architecture together into practical drill design… and prepare your organization for whatever zombie apocalypse it may face.

Learn key concepts in emergency operations center and incident headquarters design, methods of introducing such concepts to your organization, and a sequence of basic-to-advanced drill designs.

Keeping IT folks engaged in a drill simulation can be very challenging. Become a gamemaster worthy of designing and executing drills on likely emergency scenarios and realistic function failures for your organization.

Hard-hats and D10s not included.

(I did actually bring d10s.)

The slides, audio and video of this invited talk are available via the USENIX LISA 2013 website.

Slides: Adele Shakal USENIX LISA 2013 Gamemaster Talk

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