About Adele

Adele Shakal currently leads project and knowledge management at Metacloud, now a part of Cisco, which offers private clouds based on OpenStack.

In her prior work in technical project management at USC ITS, she designed IT emergency operations and the ITS Great Shakeout 2011, the initial rollout of Google Apps for students, data center relocation, enterprise applications & operations and network projects.

She has more than two decades of experience in information technology, including technical project management, business process design and continuity, knowledge management, emergency operations and drill planning, service management and UNIX systems administration.

Her university study included two Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in protein chemistry and Bachelor of Science in geochemistry from California Institute of Technology.

She has presented at local and regional LOPSA gatherings, as well as SCCUR, NCUR,  CENIC, EDUCAUSE, APRU, USENIX LISACascadiaIT and O’Reilly Velocity conferences.

Memberships, affiliations and organizations

A Quick Note About Other Adeles

No, I am not the talented and famous singer Adele Adkins, who is known for the very lovely song Rolling In The Deep.

(And no, I am not Adele Dazeem, aka the talented and famous singer Idina Menzel.)

I am a more geeky Adele, and I am surrounded by many wonderful geeky people, because that’s just how I roll.

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