CENIC 2010 Conference Session: Developing a Comprehensive Disaster-Recovery Plan

With Senior Communications Engineer Ken Mills, I co-presented a Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) 2010 Conference Session: Developing a Comprehensive Disaster-Recovery Plan.

Slides are available via the CENIC 2010 conference website.

LISA 2008 Workshop: University Issues

While working at University of Southern California and after working at California Institute of Technology, I co-moderated my first system administration workshop at USENIX LISA 2008, with John “Rowan” Littell from California College of the Arts.

LISA 2008 Workshop: University Issues

The focus of this workshop is on issues peculiar to university and college computing shops. Schools vary greatly in their approach to running computing infrastructures. The differences can stem from the general culture of the school as well as upper management, or even from departmental versus institution-wide services.

Part of the goal of this workshop is to communicate what works and what does not work for your institution or your organization within the institution. Topics might include funding, student/faculty/staff needs, research, security, purchasing, staffing, training, working with students, working with research and instructional staff, and even the culture and campus integration of computing facilities and support.

To attend the workshop, please send email to lisa08ws-univissues@usenix.org with a short paragraph describing your institution, the biggest issue you face today, or something about your institution that works particularly well or that others might want to consider for their own school. You can also include topics you would like to see on the workshop agenda.